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Promenade avec Claude Cossec


TTV Global View 國際熱線 花藝大使

2010 October Guangzhou Fair Display

It is a long time since I update this blog…

Just come back from the Guangzhou Fair where I make some display and I decide to share it with you.

Here are some photos of the windows display that I create for the 2010 October Guangzhou Fair.

Thanks to Susan and Zang Peng for the great help…

artidée 法意館 花藝創作課程


精緻的花藝技巧由法國大師Claude Cossec教授,






星期一 9:30 AM 信義計畫區
星期二 1:30 PM 大直 *
星期三 ** 1:30 PM 大直 *
星期四 1:30 PM 大直 *
星期五 9:30 AM 天母
星期五 1:30 PM 世界山莊

* 台北市中山區堤頂大道二段370號.

** (Only plants design) Course is one time per month, every first week of the month.


歡迎您來電諮詢 : 02-8502 7959
官方網站 : www.artidee.com


Chanel 奢華美學下午茶

遇見 Claude 老師在很法國的情境裡,為香奈兒貴賓帶來奢華美學的玩美下午茶。

不論是在台北 台中還是台南 高雄我們都沈醉 Claude 老師優雅的法式花藝及精彩的表演示範中,如墜入法國的綺麗夢境旅程中。

Continue reading Chanel 奢華美學下午茶

Macallan 57 years old in Lalique VIP Party

Macallan invited some of their VIPs for a special evening where they enjoy the fragrance and the taste of their 57 years old whisky.

The whisky decanter is design by the french crystal designer Lalique. The cap of the decanter is really special as it is cut in 16 pieces.

Claude Cossec was ask to create a center piece in the middle of the Hyatt Taipei ballroom where the party take place.

Claude use plexiglass sticks to create 16 faces of cone that was hang on the ballroom ceiling. The decanter was place in the center of the room on a design stand where it take is full value and preciousness.

Below are some photos of the work:

2010 January 展覽季刊 TWTC Exhibition Bulletin

I make some design (garden and plants arrangements) for the TWTC (Taiwan World Trade Center).

You can find one post dedicated to one of this work here.

Below is an article of the 展覽季刊 (TWTC Exhibition Bulletin).

FTV Special Chinese New Year Program

The TV Show “Luxury Living” (豪宅旗艦王) makes a special Chinese New Year program where Claude make some demonstrations on this theme.

Have a look at the video below…

Claude on 豪宅旗艦王



2009-12 Cosmopolitan Magazine

The COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE ask me to give some ideas about a “pink” Christmas.

You can check the results below:

Wish you a pink Christmas