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秋意萌 白露. Perles de rosée.

秋意萌 白露.Perles de rosée.#花藝 #生活美學 #擺設

Pubblicato da 法意館 artidée by Claude Cossec su Martedì 6 settembre 2016

Back from France…

Hey, everyone. We are back from France. I say “we” because we were a group of 17 people… We had a lot of fun. I hope this month, I can share with you some of the photos that we take…

For the moment I am making some cosmetic change on artidee.com site and blog. I fixed some display problem with different browsers, Safari and FireFox. So now everything is working fine for Mac users…

I also want to introduce a new browser, it is call Google Chrome, and like it’s name say it is made buy the google guys… Ilike it very much because it is simple to use… you can download it here.

Just one more thing, my friend Igor say to me that the link with the red font on my blog was not so easy to read, please tel me what do you think. Should I change for a different color???

Yes I am writting again…

OK,OK, it’s been a long time since my last post… but I will try to update my blog more regularly.

We are planning a trip to France with some of my student at the end of August…..we are all VERY exiting….

I hope that we can (me and my students) write all about this trip on this blog…

Happy New Year 2007

Jenny and I wish you an happy new year for 2007…

Happy New Year 2007