Salon de Fleurs Lessons

[Lesson introduction]

Flowers gifts of nature.

Salon in French means literally living room, a place for gatheringand especially connected with beauty and fashion.

– Bringing French fine art to everyone’s daily life.

All the different teachers at Claude Cossec Flower School (CCFS) will help you to awake your creative imagination starting from the basic floral design technic and going forward to become a skillful professional flower designer!

Step by step, you will discover that creation his borderless and you will have the ability to create your own personal style!





[Suitable lesson for: ]

  1. Simple floral creation, flower beginners
  2. I want to know French floral art and learn French aesthetics of life.
  3. I like to create my own style with my own hands.
  4. Develop personal beauty and visual balance.
  5. I want to experience the beautiful flower art with my friends.

[Unit Course]

Please Check Here

[Class duration]

2 hours

[Single tuition fee]

NTD: $2,500

[Promotion and prepayment plan]

  1. If register for two people, each class enjoys a 5% discount at the special price of $2375.
  2. For a single person who pays 4 classes in advance (original price is $10,000), you can enjoy 5% off at the special price is $9500.

(The lessons have to be taken within three months, after those three months the lesson will be cancelled.)

(Before the first class, please inform after the remittance)

[Registration system]

  1. Online registration: Facebook PM.
  2. Phone registration: 02-8502-7959
  3. Email:

[Sign-up process]

Be sure to include:

1. Chinese and English name:

2. Class dates:

3. Number of registrations / payment amount / on-site payment or remittances:

4. Contact number:

* Classroom provides professional tools for the course (you are welcome to bring your own flower scissors)

* Lesson’s flowers and material are different according to season.