Flower Designer Classes

[Course Title]

Claude Cossec Flower School Flower Designer lessons


[Course content]

Building solid foundation of art floral skills training and knowledge laying.


[Course serie]

*Floral theory and flower material matching

* Study of the colors in floral art

* Floral design

*Creative & personal floral art series

*Plants design and creation


[Complete curriculum]

For the full set of lessons please go to: https://www.artidee.com/pdf/flower_designer_lesson.pdf

*According to your individual learning process and career planning, please choose your path     between a professional full training or single classes.



Claude Cossec


[Class Hours]

Single class of 3 hours


[Single tuition fee]

NTD: $3,600

[Registration system]

  1. Online registration: Facebook PM.
  2. Phone registration: 02-8502-7959
  3. Email: info@artidee.com

[Sign-up process]

Be sure to include:

1. Chinese and English name:

2. Class dates:

3. Number of registrations / payment amount / on-site payment or remittances:

4. Contact number:

* Classroom provides professional tools for the course (you are welcome to bring your own flower scissors)

* Lesson’s flowers and material are different according to season.

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