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High Level creative and technic flower design.

Learn new and contemporary technic and ideas of flower design.

All the different aspects of our art from the big objects and decoration to the smallest bouquet and floral finery.

These courses will use a range of different materials and flowers to create contrasting texture design. We will show you how to utilize the flowers in many different ways but still keeping in mind the aesthetics and environmental space around the creation.


[Suitable lesson for: ]

  1. Professional florist or engaged in the flower industry.
  2. Person who want to refine floral technology and thinking
  3. Get the latest international top floral design skills



International Flower designer


[Class duration]

Single class 4 hours


[Single tuition fee]

NTD: $6,000

[Registration system]

  1. Online registration: Facebook PM.
  2. Phone registration: 02-8502-7959
  3. Email:

[Sign-up process]

Be sure to include:

1. Chinese and English name:

2. Class dates:

3. Number of registrations / payment amount / on-site payment or remittances:

4. Contact number:

* Classroom provides professional tools for the course (you are welcome to bring your own flower scissors)

* Lesson’s flowers and material are different according to season.

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