Instructors Lessons


[Course content]

This formation is a cooperation between Claude Cossec Flower School and

the floristry section of the “Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Finistère”.

Throughout the courses, trainers from France come to Taiwan to provide lessons and

control the knowledge learned from students in preparation for their exams.

Examinations will be held both in Taiwan and France, an international jury will be appointing for the test.

Instructor Lesson is a formation that combines high level training of creative and

technical flower design while teaching you important skills and characteristics that makes you the perfect educator.

Learn new contemporary techniques and ideas for flower design.

Learn all the qualities that will make you a good teacher.

–  expert communication skills

–  ability to build great relationships with students

–  ability to understand student needs and be approachable

–  preparation and organization of your classes

All the different aspects of our art, from big decorations to the smallest bouquet and floral finery, will be shown and learn during the lessons.

These courses teaches you to use a range of different materials and flowers to create a contrasting texture design. We show you how to utilize flowers in different ways and still keeping in mind the aesthetics, environmental space around your creation.

[Suitable lesson for: ]

1. Professional florist or engaged in the flower industry.

2. Person who want to refine floral technology and thinking

3. Get the latest international top floral design skills


Claude Cossec and European Flower designer

[Class duration]

One class per month (all day lesson)

[Online registration system]

A session of the Instructor Lessons just ended in July 2019 and the registration and inscription for the new lessons has not started yet.

Here are some details about the last session:

For more information please use Facebook Messenger.