Booth Of KinKing in the 102nd Canton Fair (China)

Here are some photos of the booth of KingKing in the Canton Fair (Fall 2007).

All design by Claude Cossec.

There was different theme for each window display:

The Booth

  • Connotation Romantique:

romantic_01.JPG romantic_02.JPG romantic_03.JPG

  • Natural:

natural_01.JPG natural_02.JPG

  • Historical:

historical_01.JPG historical_02.JPG

  • Summer:

summer_02.JPG summer_03.JPG summer_01.JPG

2 comments to Booth Of KinKing in the 102nd Canton Fair (China)

  • Mia Berry

    Hi Claude, I would really like to use your picture of the canton fair (the first one) in an events article that I am doing for Strictly Business Magazine. If that is fine with you please let me know, I would really appreciate that! (You’ve got some really nice pics – LOVE them!) Cheers Mia

  • Dear Mia,
    I see no objection to use some photos of my blog as long as you cite your sources.

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